As part of its endeavour to be the best manufacturer of precision products, Innoventive Industries Limited has constantly pursued for innovation. Innovations at Innoventive cover a wide range of objectives like introducing new product and creating new methods for manufacturing while improving quality and reducing costs.
We take pride in for few of our innovative products and processes as follows –

Patented “Cold Pilgering” Process:

In 2008-09, we filed for our in-house innovation of the “Cold Pilgering” process which has immense benefits over the conventional draw bench process. This process provides a gamut of benefits as follows –

  • Improved mechanical properties of the product
  • Better surface finish
  • Accuracy in close dimensional tolerances
  • Substantial reduction factor saving energy, labour costs and material wastage

The patent for pilgering process passed through public domain in 33 countries without a single objection raised and has been granted in 2012.

Bi-Metallic Tube:

Innoventive is the first company in the world to produce a ‘Bi-Metallic Tube’ also known as ‘Composite Tube’ through our patented “cold pilgering” process. The advantages with this process are –

  • Flawless cladding between two different metal tubes
  • Better mechanical properties
  • Cost savings by using lesser of expensive metals
  • Wide scope of applications in various industries

The company has filed a patent for this tube and expecting its approval in near future.

Innoventive’s R&D facility has been involved in innovating different products as well as manufacturing processes and tools that have truly taken the industry by storm. The factors make our Research & Development special are –

  • Emphasis on value engineering and analysis with ‘Customer Centric’ approach
  • Faster development cycle giving faster turnaround
  • Excellent R&D team that comprises of experts in the industry
  • In-house ‘Tool Room’ facility equipped with latest machines and technology
  • Top quality raw material available for various standards like ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS