Social Responsibility

We as a company recognize our responsibility towards the society. Since our inception, we have participated in and supported numerous social initiatives in various ways. One of such initiative is ‘Jaldoot’ meaning ‘Messenger of water’.

Jaldoot: India has the highest number of people in the world without access to safe water. As per the WaterAid report 2016, this number is 5% of population or 75 Mn people. Nearly 550 Mn people, especially women must walk far away from their home to fetch the drinking water.

This lack of access to safe drinking water poses serious health challenges to Indian people. In India, nearly 140,000 children die every year from diarrheal diseases caused by contaminated water. Majority of communicable diseases in India are water borne, which can be prevented with access to safe to drinking water.

Through ‘Jaldoot’ we are providing safe drinking water, with RO or UF technology to nearly 35,000 people in 30 villages at their doorstep. The cost for this water is negligible as compared to the packaged drinking water. At the same time, we are providing entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for the women in these villages to own or work for these water filtration units. It makes this model participatory and sustainable.

In 2013, Jaldoot was awarded MCCIA’s Special Jury Award for Women Entrepreneurship. In 2014 Jaldoot received ‘Millennium Alliance Award for Sustainable business model in Water’ from USAID and other partnering agencies.

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