Innoventive Group

The group consists of ‘Innoventive Industries Limited’ as the flagship company along with following key subsidiaries –

  • Salem Steel, NA, LLC (New Jersey, USA)
  • Sankalp Engineering & Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Innovative Technomics Pvt. Ltd.

Our key products include –

  • Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) Precision Tubes
  • Cold Drawn Welded (CDW) Precision Tubes
  • Drawn over Mandrel (DOM) tubes
  • Bi-metallic tubes or Composite tubes
  • Auto components
  • Boiler fins / Membrane Strips
  • Oil Field Components
  • Flux Compensated Magnetic Amplifier (FCMA) Electrical Soft Starters

Innoventive Industries Limited

Innoventive Industries Limited, the flagship company of the Group was promoted by a group of first generation technocrat entrepreneurs led by Mr Chandu Chavan, the Chairman & Managing Director. With a modest beginning as a small unit for manufacturing ERW and CDW precision tubes, Innoventive Industries today owns five ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facilities located around Pune, India. Employing nearly 680 people, our plant at the village ‘Pimple Jagtap’ near Pune is recognized as a ‘Megaproject’ by Government of Maharashtra.

Despite upheavals and challenges in the steel manufacturing industry in the last decade, Innoventive Industries has maintained its growth trajectory by both organic and inorganic ways through continuous innovation in products and processes, enrichment of product portfolio, entering different markets and strategic acquisitions in India and in USA.

Our in-house R&D efforts led to a breakthrough innovation of our globally patented ‘Cold Pilgering’ process to make CDW / DOM tubes directly from ERW tubes without using draw bench. This process results in substantial savings in time, energy, costs and wastages and provides tubes with better surface finish‚ dimensional accuracy and strength. Innoventive Industries Limited takes pride in being the only company in the world that manufactures and markets Cold Pilgered Precision Welded tubes. Innoventive is a preferred source of ERW and CDW / DOM precision tubes to leading automotive companies in India and abroad.

Another breakthrough innovation led us to the capability of manufacturing narrow width boiler fins that are used in the power industry. We cater to the requirements of all the major global boiler manufacturers. Our Auto division is the single source of components to world’s leading two/three/four wheeler automobile manufacturers.

Our continuous focus and thrust on innovation and cost efficient R&D has led to the development of niche products that differentiates us by giving a competitive edge over our peers.

Innoventive Industries Limited has three Divisions: Tube Division, Strips Division and Auto Division

Tube Division

The Tube Division manufactures precision welded tubes. Starting its operations by manufacturing “Electrical Resistance Welded Tubes (ERW)”‚ it moved up the value chain by making “Cold Drawn Welded Tubes (CDW)” also called as “Drawn over Mandrel (DOM)”. Its DOM tubes satisfy widely followed ASTM 513, DIN 2393‚ EN 10305 and JIS standards.

Innoventive’s customer oriented approach, its unique pilgering technology and thrust on R&D enable it to manufacture low D/T tubes‚ very high strength tubes‚ high wall thickness tubes that find application in innovative products such as Propeller Shafts‚ Cam Shafts‚ Rocker Arm Shafts‚ Anti-Roll Bars‚ Hydraulic Cylinder Tubes‚ Gas Spring Tubes‚ Drag Linkages‚ Special Profile Tubes and Bearing Spacers. It is the only company in India to have mastered the skill of manufacturing lemon profile tubes.

The Tube Division manufactures a range of precision steel tubes and value added products which find applications in automobiles, boilers, heaters, power and energy and general engineering segments. It is a preferred source of precision tubes and products to domestic as well as export markets such as North & South Americas, the UK and Europe and the Middle East. It sells its DOM tubes in the USA under the brand name ARIDOM™. It has been supplying premium products to global customers such as Salem Steel (North America) ‚ Volvo Eicher, GKN (UK/Europe) ‚ Bajaj Auto ancillaries, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Volkswagen.

Innoventive is the first company in the world to produce a Bi-metallic tube also known as ‘Composite tube’ through our patented “Cold-Pilgering Technology”. It gives flawless cladding between two different metal tubes and we envision a wide scope of applications for these tubes in various industries in the coming future. The company is expecting an approval in near future for its patent filed for Bi-metallic tube.

Auto Components Division

Innoventive’s Auto Components Division supplies machined, tubular components to reputed automotive manufacturers like Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors and Volkswagen.

It has been a journey of innovation, excellence and growth. It caters to fast growing press and fabrication assembly components for two and three wheeler industry and is a tier I supplier to Bajaj Auto. The division has achieved excellence and consistent growth which is the result of continuous R&D and initiatives such as Kaizen. Its ability to provide consistent and timely supply of high quality products has helped the Company build strong relations with customers and secure exclusive requirements from top notch OEMs. The customers enjoy the benefits of its innovative manufacturing set up, in-house tooling facilities with speedy development cycles, process design simplicity resulting in the lowest PPM levels in its category and its operational excellence through TPM.

The division maintains single source status for world’s leading automobile companies for many of their products in the two and three wheeler categories. Its key products include the following.

  • Two Wheelers – Swing arm assembly, Main and side stands, Foot rests, Engine mounting brackets, Head Lamp mounting brackets, Brace fenders and Guide kick.
  • Three Wheelers – Trailing arm assemblies, brackets

Strip Division

Innoventive’s Strip Division specializes in products that cater to the power industry. Its flagship product, the membrane strip, a result of a breakthrough innovation, is extensively used as boiler fins. It is one of the key components for the boilers that require waterwall membrane panels.

Strip Division has the capability to manufacture fins for both sub-critical and super-critical boilers. Contrary to the conventional bar rolling technique, the Strips Division manufactures these boiler fins through a completely different and innovative process which enables it to produce products of international quality at a very low cost. Its manufacturing facility located in Pune, India is well equipped to manufacture fins of very narrow width.

Innoventive’s Strip Division is one of the very few reputed international manufacturers and the only one which uses different raw material and an innovative process which give rise to substantial benefits to the customers. Its key customers include all the reputed boiler manufactures such as Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), GE Power (Alstom), Thermax and Cethar Vessels, Doosan Power System India Pvt. Ltd, Thermax Babcock and Wilcox, L&T MHPS Boiler, BGR Energy System. The customers also benefit from its location advantages, unique technology, integrated facilities, robust distribution network, and operational excellence.