No organization can sustain without enabled employees. At Innoventive Industries we understand this fact and we strive our best to enable people by all the means to make them unleash their creativity, true potential and productivity.

At Innoventive Industries Ltd. we have nearly 680 employees working in various capacities like Machine Operators, Supervisors and Office Staff. We feel proud to have a considerably higher percentage of women employees with us as compared to any other player in manufacturing industry in India.

Key highlights of our ‘People Management’ policies and activities –

  • Commitment for ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Women Empowerment’
  • Facilities like ‘Creche’ that helps female employees
  • ‘Skill Development’ programs for unskilled labour to convert them into skilled ones
  • Regular training programs for keeping employees updated
  • Transport facilities for all the employees for convenient and safe travel
  • Canteen facilities and refreshments at regular intervals for employees
  • Emphasis on following safety norms at all the times

We proactively monitor and improve our ‘People Management’ policies and activities to keep our employees informed, engaged and enabled, thereby helping them to deliver their best at all the times.