Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas components form an important part of the Company’s product profile. With these products being increasingly used in oil & gas industries as well as Petrochemical Industries, Nuclear Plants, Auto testing and Defence, there is indeed a great demand for such products. Innoventive’s main customers are global companies, as the Company has procured the necessary API approvals, which are a prerequisite for supplying these products to all oil majors globally.

Some of the key products we manufacture are –

  • Ready to assemble machine parts,
  • Pup joints,
  • Oil couplings
  • Casing couplings,
  • Machined tubing and cross overs

We differentiate ourselves from our peers with our –

  • Quality products
  • Continuous innovation in technology
  • API approved
  • Low cost of manufacturing
  • Direct supplies to OEMs and oil Majors
  • Global reach with presence in countries like US, Canada, MENA countries
  • Excellent customer relationships over a long period

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